Michaela Gruber – ONCE AROUND THE WORLD – Alone as a young woman through Africa

Dissolving your apartment, terminating your job, leaving everything behind you and simply traveling the world – how does this sound? I dared to do it! In September of 2015, I packed my backpack and began a journey into the unknown. I started only with a one-way ticket to Uganda and with a proper portion of optimism. I had not the slightest idea what would await me in Africa, how my route would look like, or how long it would take me. It was my first real backpacking trip, my first time in the depths of Africa, and my first journey on which I was completely on my own. These were the best prerequisites for the adventure of my life.
I mostly went off the worn-out tourist paths and was always on the lookout for new adventures.
After all, this journey was not only an adventure for me, but also a small self-discovery trip. I have learned a lot about myself and fundamentally changed some of the ways I see the world.

Do you want to escape the gray everyday life? Do you feel the urge to try something new and adventurous? Are you already planning a backpacking trip? Or do you want to travel alone for the first time and still have concerns?
Then this book is just right for you. But it is also meant for those who are simply interested in Africa or adventurous travel stories.

Contents of the book:
• Useful tips for preparing a backpacking trip (organization, health, finances, packing list, …)
• What you should consider during the trip (accommodation, transport, hygiene, health, safety, other cultures, …)
• My most exciting travel stories off the worn-out tourist paths
• How traveling has changed me

… and much, much more!

With each of the points above, I have focused on Africa. The book also contains very general tips and advices. In order to make it a little more exciting, I tell about my personal experiences and stories throughout the whole book.

Enjoy reading!

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